The French and decoration

  • The French are increasingly using accessories to decorate their living spaces. (...) Lights play an increasingly important role here, both in the decorative style and to create a particular atmosphere.
  • Transformations in decor and atmosphere can be achieved using mobile screens and dividers, freestanding furniture and colour changing lights.
  • Expectations are increasingly placed on comfort, practicality, safety and aesthetic value.
  • As the inhabitants often do not have the opportunity to design their living space from scratch, they will "co-produce" it by decorating. It must be made-to-measure, multi-sensorial and anti-stress. (Source Francoscopie 2010).

... and lighting is one way to achieve this personalisation and domestic well-being without spending exorbitant amounts of money!

The real culture of the decoration at Corep

COREP, Créateur de lumières
COREP, Créateur de lumières

A new lamp and light fitting space by COREP, creator of lighting :

Very decorative :

In phase with French interest in design, decorative objects and home improvement, COREP offers a new, colourful, high-impact identification system showing all its lamps and light fittings.

Very fashionable :

COREP constantly offers the lattest fashions : Natural (plant or mineral) , Character (Factory or "Antique shop" style from the beginning of the 20th century) , Modern (bold colours and urban inspiration) .

Very sensory :

Recreate a pleasant space, that inspires the customer, gives them ideas and helps to manage in-store product placement.