Founded in 1970, COREP soon became known as the shade and decorative lamp specialist. Throughout the last 40 years, the breadth of its range, its historic relations with the Distribution trade and its careful choice of trends to follow have led the company to become and remain the market leader for decorative lighting in France.

COREP has been established in the Bordeaux region from the outset and manufactures 50% of its products on site, in 17,000m² of factory and warehouse space.

Year after year, a particularly reactive Products department keeps its eyes and ears open for new trends and needs and produces an attractive, full and effective collection of shades, lamps and wall and ceiling light fittings..

COREP has similarly perfected a shade manufacturing technology that is recognized and sold throughout the world. Its mainly automated factory works on a just-in-time basis, with potential production of 10,000 shades a day.

The company has also introduced a wide range of routine quality controls and set up a fully computerized logistics system to optimize its distribution and presence among the key names in the Distribution sector (DIY superstores, Specialist Superstores, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, etc.).

COREP’s teams (Technical, Marketing, Products, Sales, Purchasing, etc.)  are keen to offer customer satisfaction and are constantly developing new and better products and services that meet the particularly demanding expectations of the current market.

Today, our ranges illustrate the dominant trends in decoration: NATURE, YOUNG HOME/ CONTEMPORARY and CHARACTER. We also offer a special range for CHILDREN, with original products designed by COREP and products under licence, worked down to the last detail to provide the best possible accompaniment to characters from the world of children. Finally, COREP offers some very specific product families such as Desk Lamps and Glass Products.

Every year, our ranges include new models for the mass market or for more elite segments, offering everyone the chance to buy a beautiful light fitting to suit their interior, taste and budget!